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Saturday, February 25, 2012

Soul Healing Conference

RECEIVE is sponsoring:

Soul Healing Conference - Prayer Intercessors
May 3-5, 2012

Please pray for:

+ The location: Colonial Presbyterian Church, 9500 Wornall, Kansas City, Missouri

+ All the planners and leaders to be completely in God’s will – unity in the team

+ God to send to this conference those that He wants to attend

+ The Lord to provide all the resources that we need: financial, leaders, etc.

+ God to show us all the ways we need to communicate this to the Kansas City area

+ Protection over the leadership team, the team leaders, and their families

+ The fullness of God’s Kingdom to manifest in the midst of healing.

+ A burning desire for wholeness for people who attend.

+ A safe place for people to risk coming out of their comfort zones for healing.

+ A group of committed prayer ministers to be raised up by God

+ Jesus to be known in a more personal way in the heart of each person attending.

+ God’s anointing on the teaching, worship and prayer ministry

+ Jesus to be gloried in all that is done.