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Thursday, March 8, 2012

Soul Healing Conference - Kansas City, Missouri - May 3-5, 2012

Come away from your usual routine and experience the deep-heart healing power of Jesus Christ! If we’re honest…all of us have areas in our lives that need the healing touch of Jesus! What are the obstacles for you …obstacles hindering you from experiencing abundant life with Christ. Jesus came to bind up the brokenhearted and set the captives free!

We are often asked who should attend this conference.

• Soul Healing Conference is for the committed Christian who wants all God has—not wanting to miss a thing in His storehouse of abundance.

• The pastor, therapist or counselor who seeks further tools for healing prayer sessions.

• Busy mothers and hard-working businesspersons who believe they have no room for quality quiet time with the Lord.

• The churchman who has been laden with empty Christian platitudes and expectations and is dying inside for something real.

• Soul Healing Conference is for all people who are serious about becoming whole.

• The Christian who is ready to release the heavy burdens they have been carrying for a long time.

• The depressed, the inhibited, the self-conscious, the abused, the emotionally deprived, and the deceived.

Soul Healing Conference is for those one who have never had a relationship with Jesus Christ, for they will be given every opportunity to meet and embrace Him face to face.

• The married couple so caught up in a busy whirlwind of family and social activities that they have forgotten what the wind of the Spirit is like, and for the couple who has almost given up on finding true intimacy with one another.

• The man or woman struggling with same-sex attraction and/or pornography.

• It is for those who have been a “conference groupie” who have frantically and mistakenly looked for a “quick fix,” “the right hands” to anoint them, “the perfect prayer,” or a “prophetic word”.  Frustrated, full of doubt, critical, discouraged or passive they will encounter the Truth and the empowerment of Jesus Christ the Healer.

Plan on attending this weekend conference May 3rd through 5th, you will be glad you did! 


Saturday, February 25, 2012

Soul Healing Conference

RECEIVE is sponsoring:

Soul Healing Conference - Prayer Intercessors
May 3-5, 2012

Please pray for:

+ The location: Colonial Presbyterian Church, 9500 Wornall, Kansas City, Missouri

+ All the planners and leaders to be completely in God’s will – unity in the team

+ God to send to this conference those that He wants to attend

+ The Lord to provide all the resources that we need: financial, leaders, etc.

+ God to show us all the ways we need to communicate this to the Kansas City area

+ Protection over the leadership team, the team leaders, and their families

+ The fullness of God’s Kingdom to manifest in the midst of healing.

+ A burning desire for wholeness for people who attend.

+ A safe place for people to risk coming out of their comfort zones for healing.

+ A group of committed prayer ministers to be raised up by God

+ Jesus to be known in a more personal way in the heart of each person attending.

+ God’s anointing on the teaching, worship and prayer ministry

+ Jesus to be gloried in all that is done.